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Children and Guard Dogs Learning together

The question always arises “Will these k9 bodyguards be safe with children!?” The real answer is it depends on the sauce of the k9 body Guard purchased. We at the DDR Academy can categorically confirm that our dogs not only respect children but they will also listen to and take commands from them also.

Dual Attacker “Home Invasion”

Burglary is terrifying experience that will scar the victims for the rest of their natural life. Imagine having a fully trained k9 body guard ready to serve and protect you and your family no matter what.    

Active Home Invasion

I think being burgled in ones home has to be one of the most diabolical experiences going! Home invasion in these modern times have taken a more sinister approach! The criminals want you to be home so they can get access to online banking and safe codes! Are you ready! Do you have adequate security!? […]

Customer Service & Refresher Training

Our passion is to train dogs however we understand totally the importance of trading our clients so they feel totally competent when handling our well trained personal protection dogs. From time to time our happy clients will visit the academy to brush up on Protection and obedience lessons  

Client Handover & Client Training

We are really passionate about training our dogs and equally our clients. Please be rest assured we will take all the time needed to make sure you the client is fully versed in the operational use of the chosen k9. We promise to guide and support you with all necessary training for as long as […]


Our personal protection dogs are trained to the highest level. In this clip we want to demonstrate the high level of obedience offered in our executive level dogs. These dogs are not just working dogs they are pets that you can have so much fun with

Children and Personal Protection k9s

I think we would all agree that having a child abducted is the very worst thing that could ever happen to a family. In this clip we demonstrate how we careful pair the children of our clients with our Trained k9s  

Personal Protection dogs !!

Our Personal Protection dogs are with you 24/7 inside or outside this is a video of Dante the Doberman protecting his owner outside while mowing the lawn