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A home is broken into every 106 seconds in the UK

Would you be shocked to hear that a home is broken into every 106 seconds in the UK? With the average burglary costing over £4,000, plus the emotional trauma that comes along with it.  The question is, what do burglars look for when determining their next target? Or better yet, what’s enough to keep them […]

Our #1 training treat – Rodi Sausages

The secret’s out! You guys asked, and we’ve delivered – our #1 treat to use whilst training our dogs is the meaty Rodi Sausage! It’s packed full of meat, with no additives – meaning our dog’s absolutely love it, but most importantly, it’s super healthy and helps to sustain those all-important energy levels during training.  […]

DUCK Complete Dog Food: Feeding in line with nature

Wondering what we’re feeding our K9s? We stand by the complete DUCK dog food range for every box that it ticks. Not only does it satisfy the complex nutritional demands of an active dog, which all of our pooches are – it brings feeding in line with nature, fixing a whole stream of issues found […]

Now Stocking Euro Joe Dog Sports Gear and Equipment

We’re excited to share with you the new Euro Joe K9 sports gear and equipment newly stocked on DDR Guard Dogs via our sub brand, poochdvd.com. We’ve stocked a variety of essential products, from quality collars, harnesses and leads to tug balls and other engaging toys.  For anyone looking to work with their dogs, we […]

Introducing ‘Schooling for Owners’ in our K9 Academy

We believe that teaching a dog, as well as their owners is the key to maintaining and preserving the very best behaviours in that dog. Knowing how to handle your K9, in a whole variety of situations is not only beneficial to you as their owner, but will also be hugely beneficial to your loyal […]

Introducing the Top-Magic training ball range 

Eat, train, treat, repeat – a day in the life of a healthy dog. Have you seen the newly stocked Top-Magic training toys over on Pooch DVD? These balls are made as a fun training aid, and come with a maxi power clip so that you can attach them anywhere on your clothing depending on […]

Children and Guard Dogs Learning together

The question always arises “Will these k9 bodyguards be safe with children!?” The real answer is it depends on the sauce of the k9 body Guard purchased. We at the DDR Academy can categorically confirm that our dogs not only respect children but they will also listen to and take commands from them also.

Dual Attacker “Home Invasion”

Burglary is terrifying experience that will scar the victims for the rest of their natural life. Imagine having a fully trained k9 body guard ready to serve and protect you and your family no matter what.    

Active Home Invasion

I think being burgled in ones home has to be one of the most diabolical experiences going! Home invasion in these modern times have taken a more sinister approach! The criminals want you to be home so they can get access to online banking and safe codes! Are you ready! Do you have adequate security!? […]

Customer Service & Refresher Training

Our passion is to train dogs however we understand totally the importance of trading our clients so they feel totally competent when handling our well trained personal protection dogs. From time to time our happy clients will visit the academy to brush up on Protection and obedience lessons