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Home Invasion k9 Looks after Female owner

Home Invasion is the stuff of nightmares!!! Our worst nightmare is to become a victim in our own home. With our Trained k9 we offer you instant protection and peace of mind

All Breed!! We Train All Breeds!!!

Our USP is the advanced Obedience and Advanced Protection Training please feel free to visit us for an assessment and we will give you a direct and honest analysis. If we say we can achieve it the we can!!!! Or Money back guarantee. Below is a Boxer pup this is the first Personal Protection Trained […]

Genetically Capable

We are happy to assist all our clients in the development and training of their purchased k9 companion. However it is not every apparent working breed that has the genuine and natural capabilities to reach an acceptable standard when it comes to personal protection. Please remember not all of us are brave enough or even […]

Client Hand Over

Customer Service is every thing. Our tailored program offers and excellent and professional result for all our customers. We invest heavily in our indoor facility so we can take adequate time to demonstrate and role play scenarios with our clients and their new dog. This is Blake bred at the academy with his new owners […]

Sleeevs & Whips

You know you are at the wrong centre for training when the Trainer only uses whips and obvious padded sleeves to train a proposed protection dog. The reason we are a top choice for training and the supply of trained personal protection k9 is because we think deeply and apply common sense and real life […]

Starting with the right Example

Training with us is not cheap! It always surprises me how many people don’t really research what key attributes are needed to be evident in a young puppy to support achievements and desired results in relation to protection training. In this clip we show you a 13weekmold puppy from our breeding program so you can […]

Home Invasion on the Increase

During times of austerity crime naturally will increase. In the UK with high net migration and the increase in drug use we have never been at more risk of home Invasion than right now. With internet banking and the chip and pin, the intruder actually is now looking for victims that are home so they […]

Foundation Bite Work

we work with the natural DNA of the K9 ” Prey Drive” in this short clip you see a progeny from our breeding program start the process for bite work