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83 year Old Man stabbed to Death last week

Outrageous!!! Who stabs an 83year old man to death!!??At DDR our aim is to keep you safe and to offer peace of mind so you can live your lives to the fullest without fear from the modern day thugs. Below is a young malinois being trained to offer protection in a park or fields.  

When to start training?? As early as 4 weeks

DDR Guard dogs work on the foundation of learning very early on in the puppies life. We have a very successful breeding program and carefully select the most balanced and capable k9s to be trained and ultimately to make wonderful family companions and guardians.    

Do Female K9s Make Good Guard Dogs?

We all know that a scorned woman is a huge force to reckon with. I think Females/Bitches can make exceptional Guard dogs for sure but the selection options are far less readily available. Please view this video this is Kacey doing her thing. She would make a great addition to any family

Reasonable Force ” Control” Malinois Puppy In Training

In this clip we would like to show you how we professionally demonstrate control and balanced behaviour from our well trained k9s. The law states reasonable force so we ensure that our k9s are structured to deliver a bite only as a last result not a primary behaviour however they are also trained to Bite […]

Personal Protection Dogs and the Law ” Reasonable Force”

We live in terribly frightening times from desperate situations based on Immigration and austerity. The law states that you must not keep an animal that is dangerously out of control!! For me my Family’s safety is everything and I am sure all reading this will agree. Control is the name of the game at our […]

Can Mastiffs Excel In Obedience?

The truth is most dogs will excel in Manipulated behaviours if they are incentivised correctly and trained with love and consistency. This is a video of Boston at the Academy doing a great job with ” Off Leash Obedience”

Hold & Bark Our Signature behaviour

Responsible ownership and remote control Hold & Bark is an incredibley intimidating behaviour. We feel this command is so effective that in most cases it’s easy to take control of the criminal. All our dogs that are presented as Personal Protection Dogs must be able to do this. In this clip we have a 15 […]