A home is broken into every 106 seconds in the UK

Would you be shocked to hear that a home is broken into every 106 seconds in the UK? With the average burglary costing over £4,000, plus the emotional trauma that comes along with it. 

The question is, what do burglars look for when determining their next target? Or better yet, what’s enough to keep them away? Studies have shown that homes with dogs, especially bigger, louder breeds with a natural instinct to protect, are more than enough to deter would-be burglars. 

Our protection dogs are trained to deal with a multitude of invasion scenarios, including home robberies, intruders and personal attacks, giving you and your family complete peace of mind, as well as the love and companionship of a loyal K9 family member. 

Aside from the protection dogs readily available in our zero-to-hero program, If you’ve already purchased your puppy but would like them to receive our intensive protection training, we’ll carry out an assessment to see if they meet all of the criteria. 

For more information, visit our training page or to book an assessment here. Looking to buy one of our readily available, highly skilled K9s? See our available dogs here.