What vitamins does your dog need and why?

We humans know that our bodies need vitamins in order to grow, build immunity and repair themselves – and the exact same applies for dogs. Given the amount of physical activities that the majority of dogs will go through on a daily basis, a healthy and balanced diet that’s packed with all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients, will enable your dog to live a long, healthy and happy life. 

And while there’s a whole list of vitamins your pooch will benefit from, it’s important to keep vitamin consumption to a healthy limit, as exceeding the required amount of any one particular vitamin can be very harmful.

So what vitamins do dogs especially need and why? Here’s a quick snapshot:

Vitamin A – Contributing towards a dog’s skin, vision, immune system and iron metabolism. 

B Vitamins – Functioning in lots of different ways, the B vitamins are crucial to help energise and repair a dog’s body. 

Vitamin C – Performing as an antioxidant, vitamin C acts as an internal cleanser and can help to reduce inflammation. 

Vitamin D – Contributing towards healthy bone and muscle development, which every dog depends on. 

Vitamin E – Great for sustaining healthy skin and eyes, as well as strengthening a dog’s immune system and natural defences against illness and infection. 

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