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Dog grooming: 4 products recommended by us

The season of heavier malting is fast approaching, but keeping your dog well groomed has never been easier with our handy go-to list of grooming accessories that no dog owner should go without… Furminator £26.99 This clever de-shedding tool is revolutionary in keeping your dog’s coat fresh. In fact, this tool is commonly used by […]

Choosing a dog breed that’s right for you

As loving and rewarding as it is to be the owner of a dog, the decision to welcome one into your life, family and home should never be taken too lightly. That’s because dogs require a standard level of care – from regular exercise right the way through to maintaining their general health and happiness. […]

How a behaviourist can help to overcome your dog’s anxiety

Every dog, regardless of size or breed, can become anxious from time to time when put in a particular situation. That being said, anxiety can be a bigger problem for some pooches than others, and if you feel this is something affecting your dog’s health and happiness on a regular basis, seeking a dog behaviourist […]

4 tips for caring for your dog’s health this winter

Just like our humans, some dogs love the cold, winter months – but not all pooches are fans of the harsh temperatures and darker days. In fact, there is a general misconception that dog’s don’t feel the cold due to their lovely warm coats, but that’s not always the case. You might be surprised to […]

Help your dog gain weight, the healthy way

Whether a dog has been neglected and malnourished, is recovering from an illness, or is simply a highly active, working dog – their weight can become an issue that needs a quick and healthy remedy. Miracle Vet is a high-calorie liquid that’s all-natural. This healthy solution can help any dog, of any breed, put on […]

Quality kibble and high-protein treats – A match made in heaven

So you’ve tried and tested our high-quality doggy kibble to find that whichever product of ours it is that your dog has eaten – we’ve been true to our word and the results have been amazing, right? Whether it’s the legacy Imperial Food or the newer but equally brilliant Belcando kibble, we quite literally stock dog food to suit […]

Opting for grain-free dog food? Make sure it’s nutritionally complete

Your dog’s diet is critical to their overall health and wellbeing. If your dog’s food isn’t satisfying their nutritional demands, they simply won’t thrive – and may even become poorly down the line. What does my dog actually need?  So what does a well-balanced dog diet actually look like, you ask? Well, veterinary experts claim […]

Introducing the new Belcando Puppy & Dog Food Range!

At Pooch DVD, we’re highly committed to offering only the best of the best when it comes to dog food, snacks and supplements. That’s why we’re extremely excited to announce that we’ve recently added Belcando to our list of favourite dog food brands! Offering dog food for special nutritional phases, i.e. old age, through to foods designed […]

4 reasons to introduce krill to your dog’s diet

Ever wondered how the world’s largest mammal is able to survive on krill alone? That’s because Krill, is in actual fact a superfood – and one that is perfectly suited to man’s best friend. For those needing a little convincing on introducing shellfish to your dog’s diet, we’ve listed 4 very convincing reasons that are […]