4 tips for caring for your dog’s health this winter

Just like our humans, some dogs love the cold, winter months – but not all pooches are fans of the harsh temperatures and darker days. In fact, there is a general misconception that dog’s don’t feel the cold due to their lovely warm coats, but that’s not always the case. You might be surprised to learn that just like us, dog’s can and do feel the cold which can of course affect their health and wellbeing during the winter season.

Rest assured, there are plenty of things you as an owner can do to help keep your furry friend at their best during the next few months, and we’ve listed a few below;

  1. Care for their paws. The ice cold ground takes its toll on a dog’s paws, causing them to become dry, an even sore if ice builds up around their pads. Try to keep the fur around their feet well trimmed to lessen the likeliness of ice building up and causing their feet to become sore. We also recommend regular wiping/cleaning of your dog’s feel following walks, as this time of year roads and streets are covered in salt and other less pet friendly ice-melters that can cause their feet serious irritation.
  2. Don’t be fooled by their thick coats. Some breeds, like Huskies, are well equipped for the winter months with their lovely, thick coats. But for dog’s with thinner coats, they’ll begin to feel the cold much quicker – meaning shorter walks may be a more sensible idea if it’s particularly cold outside. Also, some pooches love to jump in rivers when out on walks – try to avoid this during the colder season as this can make them feel even colder and could even lead to hypothermia.
  3. Ensure they’ve got a warm, cosy bed. Getting your dog’s bedding just right is almost just as important as a babies. They need to feel warm and cosy, but not to the point where they’ll quickly overheat. Avoid putting your dog’s bed close to any heaters, but instead ensure they’re not in the pathway of a draft, or on cold, tiled floors. Bulk them up with cosy blankets and for those that suffer with joint pain, opt for a heated pet bed – which of course we stock over on the Pooch DVD shop!
  4. Keep fuelling their immunity with vitamins. Whatever your dog’s age, they need to be getting their full dose of vitamins and minerals, all year round. This is particularly important during the winter months, when the cold, wet weather takes its toll on their immunity. Over on Pooch DVD, we stock a wide range of leading brands that specialise in dog vitamins and minerals – browse here.