Getting a puppy? Here’s 13 must-have puppy products

Your pup’s homecoming is a very exciting time – but, just like a baby, puppies come with a checklist of essentials! As easy as it is to get carried away in spoiling your new furry friend, we’ve put together a handy list of only the most essential items you’ll need on hand for when your new puppy arrives home. 

  1. Puppy food. The most obvious on the list of essentials is of course, their food. Puppies are hungry little things and tend to eat around three to four meals a day. Such meals need to be packed full of nutritious goodness to aid with healthy growth and development. They’ll also need food packed full of energy, to fuel their busy days. We highly recommend Imperial Puppy Plus
  2. Bowls. Another obvious item but still worth mentioning is your puppies feeding equipment. One stainless steel bowl for meals and another for water is all you’ll need. If you’ve got a hard floor at home, non-slip rubber mats or stands will help your pooch to enjoy his or her meal in one place. 
  3. Toilet training pads. There’s likely to be a fair few toilet accidents along the way, however training pads can help take a lot of the stress away. Being super absorbent and locking in bad odours, training pads are extremely handy to have and can help to keep your home as mess-free as possible. 
  4. A crate. You’ll want to make your puppy feel as cosy and comfortable as you possibly can with an area of their very own. And while crates do not seem so appealing, as den animals, your pup will feel a sense of security from this slightly enclosed space. Crates come in a range of sizes so its important you find the most suitable size for your particular breed, whether this be small, medium, large or even extra large. We stock a range of dog crates in various sizes, making it super easy for you to find the perfect one for your new pup. It’s also worth padding it out with something warm, perhaps some old sheets, towels or an old fleece blanket. 
  5. A dog bed. Getting the temperature spot on for your little puppy is important. Our beds are great at keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter and are conveniently made to used anyway, from crates and dog houses, to cars. They’re also completely machine washable. 
  6. A grooming kit. A flea comb and a brush to keep your dog well groomed is important as you’ll need to keep on top of removing any loose or dead hair, tangles or dirt. A nail trimmer will also come in handy. 
  7. A collar and a lead. Get your pup their very own collar and lead ready for their first walk and start training them on the lead from as early as possible to set those all important ground rules. 
  8. A poop scoop. Not the most exciting purchase but definitely one with lots of advantages is of course the poop scoop. Puppies go to the toilet quite frequently, making the poop scoop a very convenient tool that will save you lots of time and energy. 
  9. A stain and odour remover. Eliminate any nasty smells of urine or poop, should your little puppy accidentally go to the loo inside the house. 
  10. A puppy pen. Your puppy will no doubt be a little bundle of energy wanting to play all day long. A play pen will come in handy for encouraging your pup to relax and get the rest he or she needs in order to grow. It will also help you to set some physical boundaries while also giving them a fun and safe space to play in. 
  11. Coaching treats. You’ll want to be setting those ground rules as early as possible and what better way to encourage your newcomer than with rewarding yet also extremely healthy and nutritious treats
  12. Goats milk. A lot of people aren’t actually aware that dogs must not be fed cow’s milk. This is due to their stomach’s not being able to digest the enzymes within it. Nutro-Lac goat’s milk, however, can be given to puppies from the moment they are born with no risk of causing an upset tummy. Not only will your puppy find it incredibly tasty, it will also give them the energy they need to grow and develop healthily. 
  13. Toys and chews. Last but not least, something to entertain your puppy! He or she will have an urging desire to chew anything in sight, so keep those shoes stored away and opt for a nice chew toy instead. We highly recommend puppy kongs as they’re great for sooting sore gums, encouraging proper chewing habits and aiding in the healthy development of your dog’s mouth. 

And…to make life easier, we’ve even put together some handy puppy essential bundles! Shop the range today and enjoy every precious moment with your new pup.