Smølke Adult Grain Free Formula; Daily Balance (12KG)

£49.99 + Delivery

Smølke Adult Grain Free Formula is a complete all-in-one grain-free dog food tailored to the needs of adult dogs of any breed.

This grain and gluten-free food contains additional energy for active dogs. Smølke Adult Grain Free Formula is made with natural ingredients and has a unique protein profile prepared with Dutch chicken, MSC fish and British lamb. Smølke Adult Grain Free Formula provides healthy and everyday nutrition, so you’ll have a happy and contented dog. And no artificial fragrances, colours or flavourings or chemical antioxidants, naturally.

Why Smølke Adult Grain Free Formula?

  • Complete all-in-one dog food made with natural ingredients for adult dogs of breeds of all sizes.
  • Made without cereals.
  • Dental Care – Sodium Hexametaphosphate helps to prevent the formation of plaque.
  • For active dogs – top-quality proteins and fat to support your active dog.
  • Grain Free Formula – This product is prepared without grains.