Raw Meat For dogs

£29.99 + Delivery

The idea behind Long-life Fresh Meat is to provide you with a worthy replacement for Frozen Fresh Meat for when you go on holiday, have forgotten to defrost a sausage or if you just want to give your four-legged friend a healthy and delicious treat.

Naturis Long-life Fresh Meat is made from the same ingredients as our frozen fresh meat. It is fresh meat that is suitable for human consumption and that comes from EEG certified abattoirs. Seaweed is added to all our varieties since it is an extremely rich source of vitamins for your dog.

The meat is steamed and vacuum packed to extend its shelf life. Steaming is a healthy way to prepare food. Because the meat does not come in contact with water, its taste and nutrients are preserved and so we can provide your dog with a good quality product with a high nutrient content and high intestinal absorption.