Yes, drop off & pick up for boarders will be Monday to Friday, between 9am -12pm.

No, we do not take any personal items. Upon arrival we will switch your dog onto our equipment and all of your personal items will be handed back to you.

This is not a necessity as we provide food which we feed our own dogs, however if you wish for your dog to continue with a particular food that they are currently on or they require a specific food for health reasons, this can be dropped off with your dog.

We will send video updates of the work we’ve been doing with your dog so you can see their progress and know that they are in the very best care.

Along with the video updates that we provide showing your dogs training, you’ll also have a hand over session where a trainer will show and teach you the elements of training that have been applied with your dog so you can carry on their training when you leave us. We also offer further 1-1 sessions if needed.

We have a state of the art facility which consists of 4 training rooms and 2 fields. This means we can give your dog a variety of experiences in different environments. We also have custom built agility, catering for all abilities.

No, we never kennel dogs together. All dogs will have their own space which is solely for their own use.

Yes, we offer pick up and drop off should you require it. The fee will depend on your location.