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Cane Corso Object Guard

We are very versatile with our training techniques,we think out of the box and always work the class from the dogs point of view. In this clip you can see a young 9 month old Cane Corso by the name Boston being trained in the art of object guarding

Puppy Engagement ” Learning to Learn”

At the Academy we are seriously keen to help educate new puppy owners on the importance of early learning in printing for puppies. The more you do from an early age the further you can advance your puppy. Engagement skills are very simple but yet very very effective from an early age basic Sit! Down! […]

XXL Bully Foundation Obediance

The Bully Breed is far more intelligent and trainable than many realise. We are proud to be developing specific techniques to help advance the academic ability of many bull breeds. A trained animal is a joy to own and more importantly lots of fun

Object Guard

In this Video we demonstrate the viability of this command specific behaviour with Rocco a 17 month old Malinois. We live in terrible times and we must have a legal tool at our disposal in times of danger. We can help you develop these skills in your own dog.  

Bark and Hold

In this video you can see the early stages of Bark & Hold. In my opinion akin to sit and down any Personal Protection dog must be confident and fluent in this exercise we have a process that is realistic and performance linked. The Bark and Hold is a great tools to hold a burglar […]

Tactical Combat Training

We are keen to manipulate k9 behaviour to the maximum. The link below shows a young malinois Rocco in the development stage we can assist you and your k9 with this